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We want you to love your home

Our mission is to make finding the perfect home decoration and renovation products easy. Search and browse products from major retailers all from one place to find the item that is just right for you.

Our #SquadGoals

Home decoration and renovation - the struggle is real. From buying a new sofa to a full kitchen remodel, we have felt the pain.

1 Make product discovery awesome

Easily find products that fit your space, your budget, and your taste.

2 Keep you on budget

Budget creep happens. We want to make your project budget more transparent and easy to track.

Budget tools coming soon

3 Improve design collaboration

No more confusion between you and your partner, between you and a designer or contractor.

Collaboration tools coming soon

Our team

Headshot ce

Christopher Eaton

Chris is CEO and founded a building design consultancy before creating DesignTbl. He is currently (read: maybe forever) renovating his 1960s home.

Headshot rd

Raphael Deem

Raphael is a full stack engineer and avid open source contributor. His biggest design challenge is finding space for all of his project computers.

Headshot lk

Lech Kaiel

Lech leads operations and codes frontend at DesignTbl. He is known to adjust lightscapes at social gatherings, often without invitation.